Spelling Fun with Raritan Valley Road Runners

On a day where snow is going to prevent many of us from running, I am left to think back about some of the most memorable runs of 2015.

And while here’s no place I love running more than in New York’s Central Park, I think my favorite NYC run this year was when I was on my way to the park but never got there.

You see, as I headed out of my midtown hotel on a Sunday am in December, I ran smack into something that immediately diverted me from my route to the park.

I mean how could I look away once I saw this?

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I don’t get a ton of giddy, happy smiles and leaping tutus in midtown Manhattan, even during the Christmas season.   But there they were, a frolicking pack of jolly runners having way too much fun to ignore.

I instantly recognized that my new destination was the journey with these folks

“How far are you guys going?,” I asked one of the women who had the biggest smile of the crowd.  “Oh I don’t know,” she said. “We are doing the letters run.”

I had no idea what a letters run was, but she was cute. And cute is cute and fun is fun, so I asked if I could join in and she enthusiastically welcomed me to the club. I thought maybe they were with the post office

As we went on, it seemed less like a delivery route and like the kind of run I often do in my own town. We ran through the streets seemingly at random.  We’d go a block, turn, go another block turn, stop, start.

Not exactly a rigorous training run, but more like the kind of playful romp I advocate as the best remedy to bring fun and spontaneity to an otherwise monotonous running routine.

Not only did we keep stopping for group photos…


….. but I was quickly volunteered to be the club photographer.



As it turns out this  run was not random at all.  In fact, it was an annual ritual of one of New Jersey’s more active running clubs, the Raritan Valley Road Runners.

Our path wasn’t just following the whims of the pack leader, it was a very precise attempt to spell out the initials of the club, RVRR, on the GPS watches of the group.



When a run is more play than work, it is, by definition, a good run.  No matter how you spell it, this was a good run.

And I have the smiles to prove it– and Raritan Valley Road Runners to thank for it!








2 thoughts on “Spelling Fun with Raritan Valley Road Runners”

  1. LOVE it Louis!!! Thanks for sharing. These are the kind of creative runners I want to run with. Very inspiring…might try a snow run tomorrow am if I can get my courage up, and do some random yoga dancing along the way. 😉

  2. indeed they are the most fun running club I ever joined after my husband passing in 2010- it has giving me freedom for my thoughts, mind and spirit and kept me healthy and fit- not to mention the c countless awesome races with the club as well as the ladies team- and the places it has taken me- totally breathtaking, priceless memories and looking for more in the years to come!- Great article- thanks for sharing it

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