The Compost Bucket Challenge

So it’s my turn to take the ALS Bucket Challenge, thanks to Nelson Peña.

Such a great cause and a fun way to face a terrible disease. It got me thinking of another great cause to fight for. It’s a one that can reverse disease and secure health and wealth for future generations. And it’s a delicious way to live. Best of all, it’s a battle that can be won one bucket at a time. One compost bucket that is.

To my friends at Rodale Institute, The Seed Farm, Organic Gardening, Joshua Scott Onysko, Organic Valley Farms, Mike McGrath, George DeVault, Seventh Generation, Cascadian Farms, John Grogan and Jenny Vogt , Food & Water Watch, Stonyfield Farms, Pat Corpora, Maya Rodale, Tony Haile, Bob’s Red Mill, Amy’s Kitchen, Mark Kintzel, Buy Fresh Buy Local, Nature’s Best, Earth’s Best, Whole Foods and the countless others I’m forgetting, to ANYONE WHO SUPPORTS ORGANIC growing, it’s your turn to spread the word about organic– One Bucket at a Time.

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