Unobstructed View

What finally gets you to act on a long held intention?  Is there something specific that finally pushes you over the edge?  From asleep to awake, from sedentary to active, from a body at rest to a body in motion?

For me, the answer is simply getting out of my own way.  When “it” happens, it is because I’ve removed whatever is obstructing me, so that I can do what I am called to do with ease.

Remove the obstruction, and the result is life.

A teacher shared with me two examples of this.

When we remove whatever blocks our eyes, the result is vision. Be it darkness, a Bob Costas-style eye infection, or a steel pillar at Fenway Park– get rid of the obstruction, and we see without even trying.

The same with our relationships with others.  When we remove what is blocking our hearts, the result is effortless love.  It’s what we do.  It’s who we are.

Yesterday, snowbound without talking in person with anyone all day, all the likely suspects were removed. I couldn’t go for a run.  I couldn’t go to the gym.  I couldn’t get swept up in errands.   I couldn’t blame my procrastination on anyone else, other than possibly Mark Zuckerberg.  I wasn’t too busy. My head wasn’t spinning from too much to do.  I didn’t have a dozen phone calls to make.  My appointments were cancelled. My kids were taken care of.  The snow did not get shoveled.

No obstructions.  The result? My first blog post in about 6 weeks, even though it’s been sitting near the top of my to do list for about 5 1/2 weeks.  To many the snow WAS the obstruction– keeping you from your trips and responsibilities.  For me, the thick blanket of snow removed my obstructions and let my soul do what it does effortlessly, create.


What’s obstructing you these days?  What is keeping you from you?  You probably know what it is, even if you can’t quite say it out loud.   Perhaps it’s a perception you have about someone, something from your past you can’t let go of, an anxious feeling about something to come.  Maybe it’s a physical or emotional limitation, a boundary that you have learned to live within, rather than try to remove.

Removing it may be difficult, but often it’s actually quite easy.  For me it was as easy as watching snow fall.  And not nearly as much of a problem as carrying around all that intention that has been pounding on my soul, trying to get out.

If this blog were a musical, this is where I would break out into song.  So some bad poetry will have to do, instead.

Remove the obstruction

from the eye and it sees;

from the heart and it loves;

from the soul and it creates;

from the river and it runs;

from you and it’s you.


Once the obstruction is gone, you have nothing to fight against and nothing to hold you back.  Happy St. Valentine’s Day to all the obstructed hearts out there.

Be the river. Run.

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