News and Views From 2013 Fifth Avenue Mile

Women’s winner Jenny Simpson had gossamer wings to match her buff legs.

Later in the week, I’ll get you some more details on yesterday’s race. But until then, my agent has told me in no uncertain terms I need to be working on my book proposal.  So enjoy these photos and stay tuned.

My great friend and yogi Elvin joined me for the race and helped me get ready to run.
From the dark shadows of Central Park, a flying mulligan emerges.
At around the half-mile mark, I felt pretty good. That would soon change.
Oui, that’s me after the race.
Yay me! New York Cheer was rockin’ all day.
After Jenny Simpson ran by with 100m to go, my camera tried to capture how big her lead was– and this is all that was there. Air.
Nick Willis was sick. Just after I clicked this pic, he started raising his arms laughing to the crowd to boost their cheers. I was too stunned to do anything but gawk.

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