What the NYRR Doesn’t Know– and Does

The NYRR Fifth Avenue Mile is this weekend and by coincidence, I was cleaning up my office this morning and came across last year’s bib.  Now I don’t have as many of these hanging around as my friend Bart Yasso.  So this one stood out.

When I took a closer look I found two incredible little details that thrilled my inner archaelogist.  Can you spot what I mean?

How did they know?

The obvious thing that popped was my projected time, which I presume was based on my age, 7:55.  So yeah, I did a little better than that.

But how can you make this up?  Since I wasn’t running with any affiliation, my team was listed as “Unattached,” an ironic team name for a guy on the brink of a  marriage break-up. So yeah, they got that one right.

But much has changed since last year and we will find out just how much on Sunday at around 10:35 am.  See you there.

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