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Spelling Fun with Raritan Valley Road Runners

On a day where snow is going to prevent many of us from running, I am left to think back about some of the most memorable runs of 2015. And while here’s no place I love running more than in New York’s Central Park, I think my favorite NYC run this year was when I […]

Crossing the Country for Cross Country

Next weekend, I’ll be in San Francisco for the United States Track and Field Club National Club Cross Country Championships. I’ll be lining up on Saturday at 10:45am against a field of masters runners for a 10K that is considered by many to be the most competitive masters field of any race in the U.S. […]

Who’s Your Blanco? 3 Ways Great Coaches Raise You Up

In the Disney movie McFarland, USA: Championship Run, the story of a Latino high school cross country is told through the eyes of the coach, played by Kevin Costner, who the boys dub “Blanco” because of his name, Mr. White. In true Disney fashion, Blanco does it all in the movie, from rising out or […]

Why Did the Runner Cross the Road?

Why did the runner cross the road? To get to the grass. That’s what I found when I took up training for my first cross country meet in 35 years. I signed up for the USATF Club National Championships, held at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA in December. I’m writing about the training and the […]

The Worst Person To Run With

Who are the people you really don’t like running with?  I’m sure we can all come up with our own lists of fellow runners with annoying habits that take a little bit of the fun out of our runs from time-to-time.  Panters, sweat-sprayers, don’t-wash-the-shirt-enough-guy, one-steppers (who insist on running one step faster than you want […]

One-by-One, Run-by-Run

Who have you met on a run?  What have you learned about them? Yourself? I have a regular running partner who I’ve been running with for about 10 years or so.  It’s a partnership I take for granted, but one I’ve come to rely on.  We have an incredibly satisfying non-run kind of run.  By […]

Goliath and David

Malcolm Gladwell and The Cinquino Scale

If you follow my work, you may remember that in four months last summer, I went on to lose 12 pounds, cut 1:21 from my mile time and [spoiler alert] run a 5:34 in the 2012 Fifth Avenue Mile, a time that surprised me most of all as I tell in my story, The Mulligan […]

Count-Down and Warm-Up

In the moments leading up to the starting gun, what should you do?  It’s the most nerve-wracking minutes of a runner’s life.  To make matters worse, I’m already thinking about those moments now, even though the Fifth Avenue Mile race is still 2 days away. In fact, the only way I can get through the […]

What the NYRR Doesn’t Know– and Does

The NYRR Fifth Avenue Mile is this weekend and by coincidence, I was cleaning up my office this morning and came across last year’s bib.  Now I don’t have as many of these hanging around as my friend Bart Yasso.  So this one stood out. When I took a closer look I found two incredible […]

A Runner By Any Other Name Still Has Stinky Shoes

What actually qualifies a person to call themselves a runner? Truth is,  sometimes I even hesitate to call myself one. But do not call me a jogger. Runners are not to be confused with joggers.  A runner would slap your face if you asked him if he was going out for a jog.  In fact, […]