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Goliath and David

Malcolm Gladwell and The Cinquino Scale

If you follow my work, you may remember that in four months last summer, I went on to lose 12 pounds, cut 1:21 from my mile time and [spoiler alert] run a 5:34 in the 2012 Fifth Avenue Mile, a time that surprised me most of all as I tell in my story, The Mulligan […]

The Crush of Celebrity

At this year’s Fifth Avenue Mile, held in NYC on September 22, I didn’t really feel the same intense pressure of last year’s race, since I had so much at stake on that day.  This year it just was about trying to live up to the hype that the article created: Mulligan Mile So I braced […]

News and Views From 2013 Fifth Avenue Mile

Later in the week, I’ll get you some more details on yesterday’s race. But until then, my agent has told me in no uncertain terms I need to be working on my book proposal.  So enjoy these photos and stay tuned.

Count-Down and Warm-Up

In the moments leading up to the starting gun, what should you do?  It’s the most nerve-wracking minutes of a runner’s life.  To make matters worse, I’m already thinking about those moments now, even though the Fifth Avenue Mile race is still 2 days away. In fact, the only way I can get through the […]

What the NYRR Doesn’t Know– and Does

The NYRR Fifth Avenue Mile is this weekend and by coincidence, I was cleaning up my office this morning and came across last year’s bib.  Now I don’t have as many of these hanging around as my friend Bart Yasso.  So this one stood out. When I took a closer look I found two incredible […]

A Runner By Any Other Name Still Has Stinky Shoes

What actually qualifies a person to call themselves a runner? Truth is,  sometimes I even hesitate to call myself one. But do not call me a jogger. Runners are not to be confused with joggers.  A runner would slap your face if you asked him if he was going out for a jog.  In fact, […]

Going Fast Can Be Slow

Last year’s Fifth Avenue Mile race went so well, my story became The Mulligan Mile, a major feature  in the September issue of Runner’s World.  Now, after a few setbacks and a major slowdown, I’ve been trying to ramp up my training so I can save a little bit of face in this year’s running […]

All Signed Up

The scale refuses to cooperate.  The track training has been too little, too late.  The road miles have been inadequate.  The toe surgery scar is still prominent.  The physical therapy on the neck continues. But let’s face the truth about moving past 40, 50 and beyond: it’s hard to expect everything to fall into place […]

Before The Mulligan

In Italian, the name Cinquino means, roughly, “Little 5” and the little 5 that meant everything to me in high school was measured in minutes– as in the five minute mile.  I had bumped up against the 5:00 barrier several times in my track career at Notre Dame High School in Batavia, NY.  I had […]

The Second Half

Do you seem to run faster on the second half of a short out-and-back training run? I always do and I’m not sure if it’s because I’m dogging it on the way out or I’m hauling butt on the way back. Or is it simply the way life is– we take our good ole time […]