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Submit Your Nomination for Mulligan Moments of 2016

Within the next few weeks, Taking Mulligans will be accepting nominations for  Mulligan Moments of the Year.  When you make a nomination, you become eligible for one of the grand prizes of priceless value:  a lousy poem from me written personally for you. Running’s Mulligan Moments of the Year recognize the achievements (large and small), […]

Turkey Trots v. Marathons: The David and Goliath of Running

“David’s victory over Goliath, in the Biblical account, is held to be an anomaly. It was not. Davids win all the time,” according to Malcolm Gladwell in a gobsmacking brilliant New Yorker piece and his New York Times best-seller David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits and the Art of Battling Giants.  Gladwell (my fellow Fifth Avenue […]

Something From My Dad

My dad didn’t make it to Veteran’s Day this year.  As you’ll see from the context of my eulogy below, he passed away last week.  But Louis N. Cinquino left us all with something.  Something I explain in my remarks below. If you look closely in the picture of his Army Company N (or any […]

11 Signs That There is Running On Mars

UPDATED. Complete report now available! NASA claims these unaltered images, transmitted from the surface of Mars by the rover Curiosity, are ordinary rock formations.  CNN theorized that the internet had lost its mind.  But a closer examination has revealed another story.  Judge for yourself these 11 Signs There is Running On Mars. For more insights […]

There is Running On Mars

Despite mounting evidence, NASA refuses to confirm signs of running on Mars. NASA’s official positions is that the images transmitted from the surface of Mars by the rover Curiosity are nothing more than ordinary rock formations.  But a closer examination of these photos by our research team has revealed quite another story.  Judge for yourself […]

Who’s Your Blanco? 3 Ways Great Coaches Raise You Up

In the Disney movie McFarland, USA: Championship Run, the story of a Latino high school cross country is told through the eyes of the coach, played by Kevin Costner, who the boys dub “Blanco” because of his name, Mr. White. In true Disney fashion, Blanco does it all in the movie, from rising out or […]

One Page At a Time

One morning ritual I’ve been working on establishing is a first-thing-top-of-mind-write session. It’s just a minimum of one page, handwritten stream of consciousness dump into a book I keep bedside, preferably before I check my phone for any messages or news of the day. Just what’s running through my head when I awake. I know […]

Rituals are the Spice of Life

Perhaps it’s nothing more than the rituals of life that propel us and give us the will to keep going. The mechanics of ‘now I do this’ and ‘then I will do that’ determine what actually gets done. It certainly is true when crisis or depression hit as we are reduced to our most basic […]

Why Did the Runner Cross the Road?

Why did the runner cross the road? To get to the grass. That’s what I found when I took up training for my first cross country meet in 35 years. I signed up for the USATF Club National Championships, held at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA in December. I’m writing about the training and the […]

The Compost Bucket Challenge

So it’s my turn to take the ALS Bucket Challenge, thanks to Nelson Peña. Such a great cause and a fun way to face a terrible disease. It got me thinking of another great cause to fight for. It’s a one that can reverse disease and secure health and wealth for future generations. And it’s […]