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Something From My Dad

My dad didn’t make it to Veteran’s Day this year.  As you’ll see from the context of my eulogy below, he passed away last week.  But Louis N. Cinquino left us all with something.  Something I explain in my remarks below. If you look closely in the picture of his Army Company N (or any […]

The Feel of Father’s Day

I had the rare honor of being able to offer a living eulogy earlier this week.  My dad, Louis N. Cinquino, was chosen by the Paulo Busti Cultural Foundation of Genesee County in Batavia, NY as one of their Outstanding Italian-Americans, and I was asked to receive the award on his behalf.  At 94, he’s […]

Through The Kitchen Window

I cooked dinner for my parents on a recent trip home.  They are older now and don’t get out much– and have stopped cooking for themselves after many years of preparing the most delicious Italian food imaginable. Cooking for them is both rewarding and daunting.  When I visit, it’s an occasion.  It’s listed on their […]

Unobstructed View

What finally gets you to act on a long held intention?  Is there something specific that finally pushes you over the edge?  From asleep to awake, from sedentary to active, from a body at rest to a body in motion? For me, the answer is simply getting out of my own way.  When “it” happens, […]

Being Santa

There was something different about the Santa Claus at Rodale Institute in Maxatawny, PA this weekend.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on why I enjoyed watching Organic Santa with the kids, until about the fifth time I saw this exact scene repeat itself. “Helloooo!  I’m so glad you made it!!  I’ve been waiting for […]


What was missing from this year’s Thanksgiving at your place? I’m sure some of us missed people who weren’t with us this year. Maybe a pet that had passed away.  Or a certain routine or recipe that’s long been a part of your traditions that didn’t quite happen the same way it did in year’s […]

The Worst Person To Run With

Who are the people you really don’t like running with?  I’m sure we can all come up with our own lists of fellow runners with annoying habits that take a little bit of the fun out of our runs from time-to-time.  Panters, sweat-sprayers, don’t-wash-the-shirt-enough-guy, one-steppers (who insist on running one step faster than you want […]

One-by-One, Run-by-Run

Who have you met on a run?  What have you learned about them? Yourself? I have a regular running partner who I’ve been running with for about 10 years or so.  It’s a partnership I take for granted, but one I’ve come to rely on.  We have an incredibly satisfying non-run kind of run.  By […]

To My Favorite Veteran

He and his generation taught us how to fight. Some never came home and taught us how to die. Some came home and taught us how to live. May we, too, rise to the challenges of our times And make our homes worthy of their legacy.  

Count-Down and Warm-Up

In the moments leading up to the starting gun, what should you do?  It’s the most nerve-wracking minutes of a runner’s life.  To make matters worse, I’m already thinking about those moments now, even though the Fifth Avenue Mile race is still 2 days away. In fact, the only way I can get through the […]